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Summer 2004 has gone

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We offer you a new serie of photos. Nearly whole year passed since we last time updated our pictures. These show our performances in Czech Republic and in Sweden. We hope tou will enjoy them!

First performance and first photo with our new bass player.

Tom was not very sure in the beginning. That's why he used his notes during performance. Today he of course doesn't need them anymore.

The Great Trinity (festival called Kolínský ostrov)

We have a percussion in a few songs too.

Petr in Kolín.

Jarda (in Kolín, too).

This might be the only photo, that shows the whole band smiling.

Markéta tried to play the drums. I think you wouldn't like to listen to her performance.

This picture shows our Chieftain and his favourite activity - eating. But that doesn't mean that the others don't like it!

Some people are able to call whenever they need to, taking no care about current performace.

Interesting negotiation.

There were very little visitors at some festivals.

We are aboard and ready to sail to Sweden.

Swedish historical village (behind us).

Swedish accommodation.

Our performance at Country Festival Vemdalen.

We were also climbing rocks in Sweden.

We checked the snowing system and - nothing.

We hope that the board is fitted firmly ...

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