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The best of summer 2003

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We have a new update of our photogallery - a few pictures from the festivals we participated during the summer.

Honza started summer season with fun.

Kolínský ostrov (24th May 2003)

This is our camp at EWOB 2003 festival.

Everytime we visit the Netherlands, we must not forget to visit a beach.

Czech musicians at the beach.

The final round of Trampská Porta (competition) - Ústí nad Labem, CZ

We were wondering about Honza's strange banjo solos, which sound like played by martians. And here is the solution - he reads "Vesmír" magazine! (vesmír = universe)

Some of the band members take care about their clothes and shoes ...

... and others don't care about it.

Morning on the board of the ferry between Poland and Sweden.

We are waiting to see the Swedish coast.

The main stage at the Lida festival.

Swedish siesta and Czech beer.

Sound check.

Bluegrass stage.

Night view of the Lida Festival.

Kapr festival - the preparation.

We have won the first prize - a carp made of glass.

Our Chief tries to eat the glass carp.

The exhibition of knives - Příbram, CZ (6th September 2003)

Příbramský Huntík (13th September 2003)

Castle Hazmburk.

Special grapes.

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Bluegrass na mlejně
We have added a new set of pictures into the Photos section. Follow the link.

Bluegrass na Mlejně
Na Janďourkův mlejn jsme se velice těšili, protože na tomhle bluegrassovém festivalu,...

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