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at the homepage of the bluegrass band VEGET. You haven't heard about us? It doesn't matter. We will provide you some brief information right here (there is also information for organizers available):

  • First of all, do not think we are vegetarians. The name of the band does NOT reflect our eating habits.
  • We are 233 years old (aproximately). The average age is 58,3 years.
  • People call our music country, folk, bluegrass and many others. But we think, that our music can't be labeled as one style. Try to listen on your own.

Who forms VEGET

There are four members at present:

Veget faces
  • Lenka Krausová (lead vocal, bass)
    The band's newest singer and bass player.
  • Honza Bareš (banjo, vocal)
    Sometimes his great imagination causes problems to his fingers, when playing the banjo. (home)
  • Jarda Záruba (mandolin, vocal)
    The CHIEF of our band. He is popular for his high forehead.
  • Jarda Klouda (guitar, vocal)
    The really newest guitarist.

History ( 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 )

  • The band was founded in May
  • There were six founders: Honza Bareš (banjo), Markéta Kalistová (lead vocal), Jarda Toms (dobro), Viktor Šebík (bass), Jarda Záruba (mandolin) and Petr Záruba (guitar).
  • Performance at the EWOB 2000 festival in the Netherlands, one of our songs (Ztracené sebevědomí, written by Markéta Kalistová) was chosen to be part of the EWOB 2000 CD.
  • We made our first own evening programme called Veget Párty, that started a serie of these evenings.
  • Our first CD was released at the beginning of the year.
  • Our bass player Viktor Šebík left the band and Vilda Kuthan came to take his place.
  • Participation in EWOB 2002 festival and our tune was chosen to be on the EWOB CD again. This time it was an instrumental tune Po ránu written by Jarda Toms.
  • A "tour" in Sweden, we performed at a few festivals there (Country Festival Vemdalen, Scandinavian Country Music Fesival).
  • Vilda Kuthan left the band in September, we found Libor Kameník as a new bass player.
  • We paritcipated in the recording of the CD called Plzeňská LOKÁLKA 2. There were five finalists of the competition Plzeňská Lokálka.
  • We won a local round of a competition called Trampská Porta.
  • Performance at Lida Country Festival (Stockholm, Sweden).
  • We temporarily played with Honza Korejčík (bass) instead of Libor, who left for holidays during summer.
  • Participation in the final round of the competition Trampská Porta held in Ústí nad Labem.
  • Bass player Libor Kameník left the band at the beginnig of the year and Jarda Toms started to look for a new one.
  • Tomáš Mahovský (bassguitar) joined the band in May and that poured new blood into the band's vains.
  • We made a CD to promote the band especially at the festivals abroad. It contains songs in English (either our own with English lyrics, or borrowed ones). The CD is available by request.
  • We spent nice time in Sweden again, performing at the Vemdalen Country Festival.
  • Jarda Toms (dobro) left the band at the end of the year. We have been five since that.
  • We have participated in the Porta competition and moved on to the semifinal round.
  • The lead singer Markéta Kalistová left the band in July.
  • Like nearly every summer, we travelled to a Swedish festival. This time to the Bluegrass & Oldtime Festival in Gränna. It was the first performance with our new lead singer Lenka Voběrková.
  • Tomáš Mahovský (bassguitar) left the band in September.
  • We found a new bass player in November - Zuzka Lišková (bassguitar).
  • Performances at EWOB festivals in Netherlands and France.
  • Zuzka Lišková (bassguitar) left the band in May and since that VEGET had played with two "temporary" bass players: Tomáš Mahovský and Lenka Jarošová.
  • The band lost lead singer Lenka Voběrková at the beginning of September and then an intensive search for the remaining two fifths of the staff started.
  • Finally, two new musicians joined in October: the lead singer Lenka Krausová and Jenda Kříženecký (bass).
  • We recorded five samples with a new band setup.

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