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26. 2. 2022
Masopust v Domově seniorů Dobříšlink
Domov Seniorů Dobříš, 14:00
The masquerade procession passes through the town from the falconry to the Papeži pond with several stops. Bakus will be convicted and burned at the pond. As part of the Carnival Parade, VEGET will play in DS Dobříš.
26. 2. 2022
Bluegrassový večer s SoVS - concert, link
ACW Saloon Kollárova 18 301 00 Plzeň, 20:00
Joint concert with the group Starci od Vyholené Strouhy.
30. 4. 2022
Nebákovská struna - festival, link
Chata Nebákov, 18:00
Nebákovská struna - a traditional spring celebration of tramp, folk, country and bluegrass music is here again.
21. 5. 2022
Bluegrass session - festival
Hasičárna Ostrava - Michálkovice, 14:00
4. 6. 2022
Country na kolejích - festival, link
Chřenovice railway station, 13:00
A festival that is the result of a bet between Penguin and Rasken. The bet was about a crate of mead that there can't be a festival at the station. He can And here is the 14th year.
11. 6. 2022
Soukromý klub "Stodola u Majdy" Potočná 12 (Číměř) - concert, link
Stodola u Majdy Potočná cp.12.u Číměře, 19:00
Concerts and music evenings on Friday and Saturday from 19.00.
24. 6. 2022
Červenopečecká pecka - festival, link
Červené Pečky Castle Park, 19:00
35th annual festival of folk, tramp and country music
25. 6. 2022
Budovský veget - festival, link
Budov, Ústecký Kraj, Czech Republic., ??:??
12th annual festival of country, bluegrass and tramp music Budovský veget! VEGET at the festival of the same name.
13. 7. 2022
Veget v Domově pro seniory Chodov - concert, link
Domov pro seniory Chodov Donovalská 2222/31 149 00 Praha 4 – Chodov, 16:00
Charity concert. Private event.
16. 7. 2022
Folk Country Festival - festival
Patokryje - playground, 17:00
16. 7. 2022
Potlach na zámku - festival, link
Pátek nad Ohří, 19:00
Country mini-festival in the castle garden
17. 7. 2022
DoModra - festival, link
Areál Šeberák, K Šeberáku 1538 / 1,2 148 00 Praha 4 – Kunratice, 12:30
We will start this year's sixteenth year on Sunday, July 17, 2021 at 12:30 pm in the Šeberák complex in Prague 4 - Kunratice.
31. 7. 2022
Prázdniny v Telči - festival, link
Kocouří scéna, Telč, 17:00
6. 8. 2022
Pastvinskanota - festival, link
Pastviny ,,Na vleku", 14:00
Where are the snows last year? A group of friends at Pastvinská dam remembered the last bars of the country song. The parties of hikers and other vagrants disappeared forever, and with them the songs that sounded in the sixties and seventies from almost all the camps, camps and pubs around the entire dam. Somehow the idea was born to plant a country tree in this beautiful nature and to return the old, but also new melodies of country, bluegrass and folk songs to the dam. Well, it was the "PASTVINSKÁ NOTA" festival.
13. 8. 2022
Louka Grun fest - festival, link
Louka u Nové vsi, 14:00
Year after year has come together and the measures in our country allow us to take part in a small festival in the settlement of Louka. We therefore invite you to the romantic year of the Slavkov Forest region for the third year.
8. 9. 2022
VEGET + Pozdní sběr - festival
Trojan Horse Gallery, ul., Vodácká 1, Praha-Troja, 18:00
The concert is canceled due to illness!
17. 9. 2022
VEGET na zámku - festival, link
Pátek nad Ohří, 19:00
VEGET concert at the chateau Pátek

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